Message from the President

In April, 2014, we established Mainland Japan to expand our business to into the specific area of Japan with Osaka at its center.
With Aoyama Mainland established in 1988 as our parent organization, the know-how gained through 30 years of experience has not only made us stronger simply in terms of competitiveness but it has also made us gradually grow into a company that makes use of its strength to help solve problems related to real estate. We specialise in solving issues related to residential property, rental property, renovation and financial concerns indirectly related to having at its core, investment type condominiums. As a result, our accumulated achievements and trust have spread by word of mouth and thus led to leading industry referral sales.
We are ready to use such know-how and our services to expand domestically and therefore we have established Mainland Japan as the first domestic expansion base.
However, with "optimization" as one of our guidelines for action, we are not fully satisfied with our current services, therefore we need to listen to our customers as well as our stakeholders and build a structure to incorporate new know-how and services together in a way that can adapt to the changing of the times. It is a prerequisite of our company that we continue to use this structure to increase the satisfaction of our customers.
Through such endeavors, we will make an effort to improve corporate value and show gratitude, in the true sense of the word, towards all stakeholders who involved in our establishment.


Corporate Philosophy

We value what you value most.

What we have been advocating from our inception is the provision of full satisfaction to our customers through their residence. For those customers who will be owner-investors of such residences, as well as those who are owner-occupiers and to those who will be renting, we want all our customers to be truly satisfied and we are constantly thinking about what this really means.
We are continually thinking creatively about what we can do to make our customers happy.
That is our mission.
And, the answer we came up with is, "we want to value what is important to our customers because what is important to our customers, is important to us" and when our understanding is in balance we are confident that our customers will be truly satisfied.
Having as our corporate philosophy, "We value what you value most.", we will move forward with all our employees united as one and as a corporation with a responsibly to our community.This responsibility means that we are continually being trusted and relied upon by not only our customers but also by our stakeholders, not to mention complying with all laws and regulations.


Company Profile

Trade Name Mainland Japan
Address 12F Sakurabashimiyuki Bldg, 2-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0001, Japan
Capital 50,000,000yen
Business activities Planning and development, sale, agency service of real estate and operating and managing of real estate assets Non-life insurance promotional work
Representative CEO Hiroki Yamashita
License registration Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business License Osaka prefectural governor (1) No.60301
Accounting Period 30 September
Date Established February 10, 2014
Correspondent Financial Institution Mizuho Bank
Member Organization All Japan Real Estate Association (Zennichi)
Real Estate Guarantee Association
Kinki Real Estate Information Network System
Telephone +81-6-6343-1805(Main)
E-mail tel.gif
Group company Aoyama Mainland(

Access to our company

12F Sakurabashimiyuki Bldg, 2-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0001, Japan
Subway Yotsubashi Line Nishi-Umeda station
1 minutes walk from No.10 exit
JR Line Osaka station
4 minutes walk from Sakurabashi exit
Hankyu Line Umeda station
4 minutes walk from the west ticket gate
JR Line Osaka station
3 minutes walk from the west ticket gate